Work in progress: Besançon (town center) point cloud visualization

A preview of Besançon (town center) point cloud visualization

Work in progress: Entrains-sur-Nohain

A few examples from the 2014 excavations leaded by Stéphane Venault. Potree: First head Potree: Second head    

Project example: photogrammetry from Autun 2015 excavations

  A few work examples from this summer: Cumulative point cloud of each step of the excavation Main canalization 07/10/2015 A sample room from the balneum 07/10/2015

Aspectus operis and visual attention : from Vitruvius to Virtual Reality

Abstract—How does one interpret remains of the past without projecting one’s cultural baggage in the process? This is a daily concern both for historians and archaeologists. In the present study, we investigate the possibility that a careful analysis of visual attention can provide invaluable hints leading us toward a better understanding of symbolic space. Through
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