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Surface analysis of archaeological artefacts [Draft]

I. Introduction It has been a while since I posted the last blog entry and this new one is  not exactly an update about my point cloud visualization work. Recently, following  my work for the Hidden Treasure of Rome project, people asked me to scan and run surface analysis on various potery: from early bronze
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Toying around with 3DHOP

Well, everything is in the title. I tried to host a nasty piece of ceramic we scanned for the Hidden Treasure of Rome Project. It works very well as you can see here. I will look more closely to the technical details from the 3DHOP website over the week-end. Could also be a good time to
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Exploring massive Point Clouds in Virtual Reality with nvidia tech demo.

Finally, I get to try the new nvidia tech demo for massive Point Clouds visualization with a Virtual Reality implementation. I would like to thank I. Williams from nvidia. Computer specs : an old I5 2500k o/c at 4.4 ghz 32 gb of DDR3 GTX 1080 Xtreme Gaming VR Edition Samsung 850 evo SSD There
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Point Cloud rendering in Unreal Engine Part 2

It took some time but the tutorial to convert any point cloud in pictures in order to use them in Unreal Engine is up :     As a side note, we are looking into the possibility to integrate Potree inside Unreal Engine, more news about that later. I’m also experiencing with the nvidia tech
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Point Cloud rendering in Unreal Engine (4.13 preview)

UPDATE : Tutorial available here. I have been wondering for some time what would be a “good way” to render PointCloud data in Virtual Reality. At least it seems to be useful to get a better idea of the volume of the area and for data quality assessment. From my understanding, the only specialized software with VR
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A-Frame experiment: Virtual Reality in your browser

Here is a little experiment of web-gl Virtual Reality using A-Frame. You can access it by clicking on the picture below. I took advantage of a new function from Unreal Engine, you can now caprture easily 360° stereoscopic panoramas and videos from your projects (see!&highlight=stereo+panoramic). So far so good. I  am currentling doing another A-Frame website for
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Photogrammetry from youtube video : does it work ?

Since photogrammetry algorithms are getting better every day I was wondering if it was possible to do something with reasonably good youtube videos and Context Capture from Bentley (certainly the most efficient piece of software right now along with RealityCapture). I picked two examples, the first one is a drone flight from Hohenzollern Castle in
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Work in progress: Voxel rendering (part 2)

Having some fun with Venom lately, not my sculpting though. Here is the point cloud visualization.     To stick with archaeological production, here is a scan of the sculptre of Mithra from Mackwiller !  

Work in progress: Voxel rendering

Small scale test of voxel rendering from a DTM produced through photogrammetry for the city of Besancon: – Bentley Acute3D for photogrammetry – CloudCompare for initial rastering – QGis as a raster converter – MagicaVoxel Renderer for rendering     The temple of Janus at Autun:    

Hidden Treasure of Rome Project

Hidden Treasure of Rome, a collaboration of the Capitoline Museum and the University of Missouri, is providing information about 2,000- to 2,400-year-old artifacts in the Capitoline’s collection. Damien Vurpillot and Valerie Taillandier, doctoral students at the UBFC, and Kyle Urquhart, a doctoral student of anthropology at the U of Arkansas, are scanning the vessels to detect and study
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